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Are you in need of expert solutions for driven piling and driven pile foundations?

Look no further. At Advanced Mini Piling Systems, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality services that revolve around driven piling.

Why Choose Us for Your Driven Piling Needs?

Driven Piles: Our core expertise lies in driven piling, and we’ve honed our skills to perfection. Whether you require driven piling for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we’ve got you covered.

In-House Machine Building: We take our commitment to excellence a step further. At Advanced Mini Piling Systems, we build our own cutting-edge machines to ensure the utmost precision and productivity in our projects. By crafting our specialized equipment, we can maintain the highest quality standards and offer you more competitive pricing.

Faster Completion: With our in-house machine building and experienced team, we pride ourselves on swift project completion. We understand that time is of the essence in your construction projects, and we’re dedicated to meeting your timelines efficiently.

Competitive Pricing: Our in-house machine development boosts efficiency and allows us to offer you a more competitive pricing structure. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our work.

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For all your driven pile foundation needs, trust Advanced Mini Piling Systems. We’re here to make your projects seamless, cost-effective, and timely.

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Driven Piling for a Range of

Conditions & Restricted Locations

We have the skill and equipment to install driven steel piles across all construction sectors in a variety of ground conditions, to meet the specifications for carrying the structural loads of everything from bridges to housing and industrial units.

We are able to work in restricted locations such as:

Steel Casing Dia (mm)

Max Safe Working Load (kN)

Minimum Hammer Weight for energy requirement (kg)



Top Driven



Top Driven



Grudomat Driven














Steel Casing Dia (mm) Max Safe Working Load (kN) Minimum Hammer Weight for energy requirement (kg)
65 20 Top Driven
85 30 Top Driven
100 10 Grudomat Driven
150 90 250
220 250 500
275 350 750
323 500 1000
Grundomat air driven piling system

65mm – 150mm

Grundomat Mini Piling Specialists based in Somerset

We have the best solutions for all piling projects in Southern England and The Midlands, and one aspect we specialise in is the Grundomat air driven piling system, which can be supplied with compressed air from a distance with little disruption.

Grundomat steel cased bottom driven piles are an excellent solution for sites where restricted access is a major factor. It also saves on costs because this method requires no piling rig, and is extremely mobile.

The Grundomat method is ideal for providing firm foundations for small extensions, orangeries, garden rooms, conservatories and porches.

The Grundomat is placed inside the piling tube which has a point crimped on one end, and a collar on the other end. The Grundomat sits on a dry mix concrete plug and follower tubes are welded onto it until a pre-determined set is reached. No spoil is removed using this system and there is little vibration.

150mm – 323mm

Piling for Poor Ground Conditions with Restricted Access

We have the solution for piling in areas with poor ground conditions, where access is restricted and other piling systems are not economically viable.

In such circumstances we are able to drive in steel cased bottom driven piles between 150mm – 323mm in diameter.

Our piling machinery can pass through a standard doorway, and can be operated as far as 50 metres away from the power pack. The diesel/electric powered motor which drives the hydraulic pumps is mounted on a trailer and feeds the rig via umbilical hoses.

Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles are driven through the soft upper lying stratum, with extensions welded on until the pile has reached a predesigned load on friction, or the pile is driven onto a rock head.

Driven piles once completed provide a clean bore which is water tight, and is then cast in situ by concreting from the top, or they can be grouted from the base of the pile, with design specific reinforcement installed, connecting piles to Ground beams.

The depth of the piles depends on loadings and soil values provided by site investigation, which our engineering team will be able to arrange.

Piling for Poor ground Conditions

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