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Piling Technology for Basement Constuction

Advanced Mini Piling systems Ltd.

Piling Technology for Basement Construction

As urban environments become ever more crowded, the only way to extend is up – or down. Basement construction has become a popular way to create more indoor space both in new builds and underneath existing building footprints in towns and cities, particularly in London.

Well-constructed basements using appropriate bored pile systems to provide low deformation retaining walls can be turned to a host of uses, from underground parking to swimming pools, an extra bedroom suite or a home theatre.

There are many other uses for bored pile retaining walls too – such as cut and cover bridges, bank stabilisation and road/rail cuttings.

Here at Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd. we are leaders in the field when it comes to piling technology for basement solutions in southern England and The Midlands, from our base in Frome, Somerset.

Basement Construction Piled Retaining Walls - Advanced Mini Piling Systems

Economic & Efficient Deep Basement Builds

Piled Retaining Walls are a very cost-effective way of forming a retaining wall, as there is reduced bulk excavation with maximum underground space. Walls can follow complex layouts and our specialist rigs can perform with a minimum working requirement of 500mm to the face of the perimeter. (Distances can be further reduced depending on certain factors.)

Large diameter and mini piled cast-in situ retaining walls, give an economic and efficient way of constructing permanent or temporary piled retaining walls.

These walls are ideally suited for deep basement construction in the ever-expanding basement industry in London, as they can be bored and cast in restricted access and open site conditions, and where adjacent structures require support.

This is perfect for domestic projects as the piled retaining wall can be bored and cast parallel to the party wall, retaining back neighbouring properties, giving the client maximum underground space.

Advanced Mini Piling systems Ltd.

A Choice of Basement Wall Piling Methods

We offer a choice of piling systems for retaining walls:

  • Rotary Bored Contiguous Piled Walls
  • CFA Contiguous Piled Walls
  • Secant Contiguous Piled Walls

The choice is dependent on a variety of environmental and design factors, such as the soil type, groundwater level, retained height, propping arrangement and more.
In our wide experience Contiguous Piled Walls are generally the most economical and quickest method for installing retaining walls in situations where the ground water level is below the depth of excavation. Secant Pile Wall systems are cost-effective and preferable where short term water retention is required.
Our expertise means that we can suggest and implement the optimum wall piling system for each basement construction project, saving costs and time.

Basement Wall Piling Methods

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