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Kitten Auger Rig

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Kitten Auger Rig

The PPS Unwin Kitten Rig is one best mini piling rigs of its kind, purposely built to install hollow stem piles in areas of restricted access and low headroom. Although first designed and built by Unwin engineering, our Mini Kitten Rig was completely stripped down, improved and fully modernised, by Pro Plant Services (PPS), with new safety features to meet today’s stringent health and safety laws in the construction industry

The PPS Unwin Kitten Rig has a hydraulic widening track base allowing the rig to be manoeuvred through a standard doorway, making it ideally suited to small site work, underpinning and basements, where it can perform:

Open bore cast in situ with sectional flights

Hollow stem with sectional flights

Temporary cased piles

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