Production starts, Automatic Drop Hammer Rigs for sale.

RPR DH10.3 Drop hammer piling rigs for sale

New Undercarriage System for RPR DH10.3 Drop hammer piling rigs for sale
Rubber Tracks for RPR DH10.3 Drop hammer rig
Strickland Tracks for RPR DH10.3 Drop hammer rig
Delivered new tracks

New delivery from Strickland Tracks. Next, drop hammer piling rigs for sale, manufacturing commences.

Our drop hammer piling rigs continue to be for sale. We use a time proven rubber track system undercarriage that is supplied by UK company Strickland Tracks of Worcestershire. After the success of the first RPR DH10.3 with its groundbreaking synergic free-fall system. Advanced Min Piling Systems continues production to build further drop hammer rigs at our facility in Frome, Somerset, UK.

As equipment manufactures that produce drop hammer piling rigs for sale in the UK and European markets.

We know our customers require high-quality and durable products that provide safety, longevity, and reliability.

The rubber track system undercarriage supplied to us from Strickland tracks. It is easily maintainable and parts are kept in stock at either our manufacturing facility or direct from Strickland Tracks themselves.

D1000 drop hammer rigs whose parts are not available unless they are custom-made can be expensive to repair.

The benefits to using this rubber track system. It is that they provide a lower ground bearing pressure when traversing over sites with poor ground conditions. As they have a larger surface area.

Higher ground clearance is also a benefit. Enabling travel over installed piles, which limits the risk of grounding the underside of the machine.

This track system provides more power, which leads to greater accuracy when installing steel cased driven piles. It also helps to level the pile during installation.

When starting the design of the RPR DH10.3

The undercarriage and the engine were key defining factors in how the machine would look and operate. Taking what we had learnt from rebuilding older D1000 piling rigs. We’ve added features to our piling equipment that allow us to exceed 100 m a day in suitable ground conditions.

Advanced Mini Piling Systems Say’s

Our contracting side gives us the edge over other foundation equipment manufacturers. As it allows testing of our products and the new technologies we invent as a research and development department. Before selling our products to customers. So, new owners can be sure that their newly purchased drop hammer piling rig has been tested thoroughly.

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