JCB Power Systems celebrates new piling rig in torque magazine.

Sourcing an Industrial Power Unit for the RPR DH10.3.

Upon first sourcing an engine for the newly designed RPR DH10.3. I had no idea that JCB Power Systems provided industrial power units for OEM’s.

Previously, throughout the business, we had always used air-cooled diesel engines. Which I found noisy, uneconomical and unpleasant to work on as the service side would face into the machine to allow for hot exhausted air to be expelled, for cooling of the engine.

After visiting Power Torque Ltd in Coventry and seeing one in person, I couldn’t believe the quality of the engine. The engine is compact and is mounted on a support frame. This meant it is delivered ready to be installed straight onto the rubber engine mounts on the chassis. No extra preparation work is required apart from filling up with engine coolant.

Simple installation, mounting straight onto piling rig.

The way the engine is designed allowed simple installation for myself to mount onto the piling rig. The ECU is mounted on the engine and a customer interconnect is provided to connect into the wiring harness. This means with our custom-made wiring harness. I can bolt the engine on, plug it in to the customer connection, supply fuel. And we are ready to go.

This is the first Stage V engine I have ever installed, and Power Torque were extremely helpful in assisting me. I found the wiring schematics simple to read and clear.

Powered by JCB.

Renowned globally for durability, toughness and great service. It makes me very proud to have our machine powered by JCB.

Undoubtedly, JCB’s worldwide service and parts network allows easy sourcing of parts and oil anywhere in the world and competitively priced. While, keeping the engine running with parts is only 50% of the work with modern ECU controlled engines. JCB’s diagnostic tools are second to none. The DLA 4.0 can access the ECU memory and retrieve helpful data downloads, which are interpreted into visual data. Helping us to keep you running economically. Future proofing any faults.

The engine is powerful and fuel efficient. The 3D model and installation document were invaluable to us designing the fuel tank and engine encapsulation. Fowlers of Bristol Engineers Ltd, specialists in CNC sheet metal work, fabricated the Fuel tank and Encapsulation.

Driven piling rig JCB

A Secondary PTO rated at 100% engine load. Which was significant in the purchase of this engine.

Piling rig engine powered by JCB.

All serviceable items are on the same side. Consequently, this gives us effortless access when performing a service.

JCB Power Systems Piling rig

One plug Customer connection.

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