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Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd manufactures a piling rig range for sale in the UK and Europe.

Piling rig range now manufactured by Advanced Mini Piling Systems for the UK and European markets.

After many years of operating as a piling contractor serving the UK construction industry. Undoubtedly, this experience has given us the scope to design and build state-of-the-art, reliable piling machines.

Having developed many of our piling rig machines and techniques during the years to suit our specific sector. Consequently, allowing us to become successful in Mini Piling, Steel Cased Driven and Rotary Bored piling techniques.

Why manufacture piling rigs for sale in the UK?

Manufacturing piling rigs for sale to others has been in the pipeline for a long time for us at Advanced Mini Piling Systems. We have certainly felt there has been a need for mini pilings rigs that are up-to-date with modern safety and emission standards. That is no longer built around out-of-date technology. And utilize modern technology that is changing the way we live and work every day.

We believe modern manufacturing methods should be embraced for piling rigs.

By using 3D CAD software, we can use FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to construct our machines to a higher standard and help forecast cyclic loading as defined in BS EN 16228-1:2014 Drilling and foundation equipment safety. The use of tube lasers saves time cutting and preparing hollow sections, which increases accuracy and repeatability, saving time and cost.

At our piling rig manufacturing facility in Somerset.

We have two CNC machines, one CNC lathe and our second is a recently purchased 3-axis CNC Milling Machine with automatic tool changer. Thinking of workflow, our Milling Machine faces the lathe. So parts finished on the lathe can then be put straight on to the Milling Machine to have complex features finished off in a second operation. Parts can then be machined simultaneously, significantly reducing cost.

Purchasing the 3-axis Milling Machine has enabled us to engrave serial and part numbers on the parts we produce. Which gives the owner of the machine quick identification for parts replacement. Straightaway, it allows us to track the longevity of the parts and see where improvements with design and materials can be made.

Piling Rig Machine Technology and software.

Given that, using the latest engine technology to reduce emissions and fuel costs. And holding the software tools to solve issues on-site. Consequently, we feel that we can offer a service that is second to none. Relying on a third party can be costly.

So, that is why Advanced Mini Piling Systems reads CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) data directly from the engine ECU. Enabling us to diagnose problem engine codes. We program the engine controller’s that are installed into the piling machines we build. For that reason, this is why our service technicians are all trained on and have laptops and the software to get the customer up and running quickly.

Piling Rig Machine Technology and software

The brain of our machines that also controls the engine monitors all the inputs from the sensors around the machine. Any simple faults are brought up upon our LCD, showing the operator/technician quickly where the fault lies.

This has certainly come from our experience of servicing and repairing older piling rigs, for example:

An intermittent fault on the normally closed/open hydraulic level circuit, but can cause shutdown of the engine with no visible fault.”

As a company, we believe when building our piling rig, range quality comes first.

We have close working relationships with ABB Harnessflex, Stauff & JCB Power Systems.

Subsequently, upon choosing the JCB 430 Stage V engine, which happens to be large for 55Kw’s. This decision was made following the release of JCB’s work into Hydrogen-powered engines, future proofing our machine design for the forthcoming ban on fossil fuels.

Piling Rig Machine Technology and software

Free-fall hydraulic winch. Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd


Piling rig range for sale in the UK and Europe, manufactured and sold by us. We manufacture and design the parts used in the machines we build and sell.

We also have close working relationships with ABB Harnessflex, Stauff & JCB Power Systems.


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