Screw Piles Battersea, London

Screw Piles Battersea Park

Project Brief:

Advanced Mini Piling Systems over the years has built up a knowledgeable & diverse team of engineers and operatives. When contacted by a successful high rope adventure company to install Screw Piles in Battersea Park London, we were able to quickly design and advise the best way to secure the multiple high tower climbing platforms to the loose ballast.

The contract involved installing 89mm dia Steel Galvanised Screw Piles into pre excavated pits shored up with temporary shutters. The screw piles are installed to a predesigned installation torque; the number of screw piles and depth being determined by height and loading of the climbing tower. Our Screw Piles are finished off inside the pile cap to allow enough protrusion for the connection of the two. Reinforcing bar is placed through the pile, connecting pile cap to Screw Pile.

As the site is situated in a public park, only certain areas were closed. Each pad was to be excavated, piled, reinforcement installed and hold down bolts setup. This consisted of 16 number M36 threaded bars held in place by 2 number 25mm laser cut steel plates, connecting climbing platforms to our Screw Piled, Reinforced concrete Pads.

Screw piles plan

The High ropes adventure area consists of a mixture of freestanding platforms and walkways built into existing mature deciduous trees. On the plan: green and red are trees, red are single towers which are piled with 4 number Screw Piles, and the brown blocks are large multi level platforms with a multiple configuration of Screw Piles.

London screw pile

This photo shows the 22kNm torque head mounted onto an 8.0t excavator, installing the screw piles, which are in 3.0m sections and connected via a spigot and socket with 3 number M20 bolts. The pad has been pre excavated to the correct height and temporary form work setup ready fix steel reinforcement.

hold down bolts

M36 hold down bolts to be set, when pad is cast, connecting Screw Piles to tower. Ground protection was used around the whole site preventing compaction of tree roots, in Battersea Park.

tower for screw piles london

Single platform high rope tower, to be fitted on pads with 4 number screw piles.

screw pile torque head

The Screw Pile Torque Head gauge allows us to see when we have reached our pre designed installation torque, in kNm as we are working.

screw pile pad london

Screw Piles finished ready for main contractor to complete works and reinstate play ground for the public users of the Battersea Park adventure play ground.

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