Rotary Bored Piles, The Newt in Somerset

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Rotary Bored Bearing Piles & King Post Retaining Wall

“A Career Pinnacle: Rotary Bored Piling The Garden Café Project”

Our journey on this prestigious Rotary Bored Piling project was a career highlight, as the experts, from carpenters to electricians, excelled.

Being part of this exceptional endeavor was an honor, with unwavering commitment to excellence. Masters of their crafts, these professionals elevated the project.

Working alongside such talent was inspiring and pushed us to surpass our limits for perfection.

As the project concluded, we realized we had achieved something extraordinary, setting a new standard for our future work. It was a career highlight that reminds us of the power of dedication and collaboration in our field.

View down line of rotary bored piles at The Newt in Somerset

Project Brief:

Our latest project demanded precision engineering. We were tasked with installing 140 rotary bored bearing piles while maintaining a tight tolerance of +/- 11 mm. This challenge extended to the installation of 10 H-beams for a king post retaining wall.

To tackle this endeavor, we brought our expertise to the table. The project required meticulous planning to preserve the established native trees while constructing the restaurant’s foundation.

The installation of the 140 rotary bored bearing piles showcased our dedication to precision. Each pile was strategically placed and continuously monitored to ensure it met the strict tolerance requirements. This meticulous approach guaranteed the stability of the Garden Café Restaurant’s floating structure.

In addition, incorporating the 10 H-beams for the king post retaining wall alongside our rotary bored pile work added complexity to the project. We carefully positioned these structural elements to provide strength and enhance the area’s stability and aesthetics.

King post wall and bearing piles at The Newt in Somerset

Throughout this project, we showcased our dedication to both precision and environmental responsibility in our rotary bored pile work. We are proud to have successfully completed this challenging task, knowing that our work will provide a solid foundation for the Garden Café Restaurant, all while preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

In conclusion, our work on this project was a testament to our commitment to precision and excellence in rotary bored piles. We installed 140 rotary bored bearing piles, navigated around established native trees, and constructed a robust king post retaining wall—all while adhering to strict tolerances. This project reflects our dedication to engineering solutions that are as precise as they are sustainable.

Scope of works:

  • Piling mat, Pile positions and welfare facilities, were the main contractors’ responsibility on this project.
  • Mobilise D1000h and TesCar 2.5 CFa and ancillaries to site.
  • 140 No. 500 mm Ø Rotary Bored Piles.
  • 10 No. 450 mm Ø Rotary Bored Piles for King post Retaining Wall.
  • Install 140 mm Ø Galvanised CHS with +/- 11 mm tolerance.
  • Install 203×203×46 kg UC For Piled King Post Retaining Wall.

View of Garden Cafe piled foundations

View over the walled garden showing the scale of the completed site.

Water Ingress

During our work on the Garden Café Restaurant project, we encountered an issue with water ingress in some of the rotary bored piles due to challenging ground conditions. To tackle this problem without compromising the nearby root systems of established native trees, we opted for an economical and innovative solution.

Instead of using a larger machine that could potentially harm the tree roots, we employed a smaller machine to drive steel casings into the ground. This approach effectively prevented water ingress, safeguarding the integrity of the piles while preserving the surrounding environment.

Our ability to adapt and find creative solutions in complex situations reflects our commitment to engineering excellence and environmental responsibility. This project demonstrates our dedication to delivering efficient and sustainable results.

Driven Piles at The Newt in Somerset water in ground

D1000h Drop hammer Piling Rig with 1.0t hammer attached to install large steel casings.

View from above the garden café of rotary bored piles

A view from above, the site is left tidy every day.

Engineering excellence

To meet the extraordinary tolerance requirement of +/- 11 mm. for our project, we leveraged our in-house expertise in design and fabrication. Our team custom-engineered an attachment specifically designed to fit the Kelly bar rotary table of our TesCar 2.5 CFa. This unique attachment allowed us to maintain the perfect vertical alignment of the 140 mm Ø CHS (Circular Hollow Section) piles while ensuring they adhered precisely to the grid lines.

This innovative solution showcased our commitment to precision engineering. The custom-made attachment not only enabled us to achieve the remarkable tolerance levels required, but also optimized the efficiency and accuracy of the installation process.

Our ability to adapt and create custom solutions exemplifies our dedication to excellence in engineering. This project underscores our commitment to delivering results that go above and beyond industry standards, all while ensuring the highest level of precision and quality.

TesCar Piling rig rotary bored piling attachment

TesCar Piling Rig, rotary bored piling attachment.

TesCar Piling rig rotary bored piling attachment rearview

TesCar Piling rig rotary bored piling attachment rearview

Our bespoke TesCar Piling rig rotary bored piling attachment proved to be a game-changer in achieving near-perfect results with the 140 mm Ø piles. This customized attachment was instrumental in ensuring precision throughout the project.

Designed to fit seamlessly with our TesCar Piling rig, this attachment allowed us to manipulate the 140 mm Ø piles with remarkable accuracy. It was a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in engineering.

With this specialized tool at our disposal, we were able to bring the piles to near perfection, aligning them precisely to meet the project’s demanding standards. It exemplified our dedication to delivering exceptional results, even in the face of challenging tolerances.

Machining of the TesCar mast attachment with a Bridgeport milling machine.

In house machining of the custom TesCar Piling Rig attachment.

Machining of the TesCar mast attachment with a Bridgeport milling machine, slitting saw.

Slitting saw on a Bridgeport milling machine, to create a guide to hold 140 mm Ø CHS.

Perfectly in line rotary bored piles at the newt in Somerset

With our custom attachment, we achieved unparalleled precision in placing piles for this project. This innovative tool ensured that every pile was perfectly positioned, exceeding the project’s stringent requirements. Our commitment to excellence and innovation was on full display, highlighting our ability to deliver exceptional results.

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