Piling, The New Forest, Hampshire

Project Brief:

With this project we were contacted firstly in an advisory capacity by the architect and his engineer. Their original plan consisted of an extension to the property, to remove the roof and build an additional storey.

The existing foundations were exposed to verify their suitability to carry the additional load. Although the footings complied with width and depth, the ground underneath was very wet, and the clay soft and silty. Further testing was then carried out by way of two bore holes, and the results were handed over to us.

Due to the poor ground condition and since the existing schemes involved alterations to the ground floor layout, the client (after consultation with her architect) decided upon an alternative scheme. This involved complete demolition and constructing a new dwelling of piled foundations. The house footprint was also to be shifted, to avoid removing the original footings.

Before being given the contract, we helped with pricing the ground beams and piling. This enabled the client to understand where her budget would be going even before they had decided to demolish the property. Due to the nature of the ground, the high water table/springs, and the loadings of the Piles, 220mm dia Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles were the best option.

Poor access was also an issue on this site, as it was in the middle of the New Forest. We had to negotiate fording a river and 2 miles of rough track, which made our steel tube and concrete deliveries challenging.

River New Forest New Build

Scope of works:

*Piling mat, Pile positions and welfare facilities, were the main contractors responsibility on this project. *Mobilise D500 and D1000h with 7.5t lorry suited to smaller access sites.

*Locate steel tube delivery and escort them to site.

*Install 32 No 220 Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles to design depth.

*Cast all completed Piles with C35 concrete and reinforcement to our engineers design specifications.

*Place safety tops on all reinforcement.

*Clear site of rubbish and demobilise Rigs.

Start of piling New build Forest

The D1000h Driven Piling Rig allows us to lift the driving weight over 3.0m, this means we can weld the tubes up in front and can continually drive Piles without stopping.

D1000h new build New Forest

This property has 2 fireplaces. When we arrived onsite, 2 of the piles in the fireplace were too close together. With a quick call to our engineer, we were able to move the piles apart so they were 3.5 times the diameter away from each other.

Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles concreted new build New Forest

The first load of concrete is in. Reinforcement inserted and safety caps placed on all protruding steel reinforcement.

Cleared and demobbed site New build New Forest

All our sites are left clean and tidy, which makes the next stage of the project a lot easier for the next contractor.

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