Piling London

Project Brief

To provide 21 piles to rebuild a garden wall; the existing wall had fallen down due to the tree roots, and the weight of the garden it had been retaining for many years. As we were working on the party wall, permission had been granted from both sides to gain access to work. All materials and machinery would be brought through the garden of the property at the top side of the wall, and a safe working area would be made in the garden of the bottom property.

Before work could commence, trial pits had to be dug by hand to find out where the roots of an oak tree with a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on it were. This prevented damage to the tree roots while removing the existing wall, and while piling. The piles, beams and beam heights were determined by the location of the tree roots. The beams will bridge the roots so no piles or excavations would damage them.

Although this is not a Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall which would of been more expensive, the engineer choose to design the piles to take a hollow block wall, which would be slotted onto reinforcement cast into the beam and then filled with concrete. The piles were placed in pairs, and will take lateral and vertical load, tied together with a 600×400 capping beam.

Due to ground conditions here, the decision was taken to tremmie all piles rather than use Hollow Stem flights. This would help to reduce mess from waste water in the cleaning process after every pile, and the clay was stiff enough to stand open while grouting.

Kitten rig Wimbledon, South London

Scope Of Works

*Site health and safety and welfare facilities provided by main contractor.

*Mobilise Kitten Piling Rig to site with grouter.

*Garden protected and ramp made to remove spoil.

*Safe working area set up for Steel fixing and use of grouter,

*All cement and sharp sand to be moved by hand to the rear of the property.

*Garden of bottom property fenced off and piling mat installed.

*Piles and pile heights set out by main contractor.

*Install all 21 piles to engineers specifications.

*Clean and clear site, demobilise rig.

Cages tied Wimbledon South London

All cages tied and protection boards taken up every night to prevent killing the grass.

Grouting piles Wimbledon, South London

The grout hose is placed to the bottom of the pile, which brings the water and debris out of the top, the cages are then plunged into the pile.

Piles complete Wimbledon, South London

 All piles complete and left at differing heights to allow easier cut off for the client.

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