Piling Cornwall

Piled R/C Rafts for Luxury Static Caravans, Polzeath Cornwall

Polzeath, North Cornwall, is a small seaside resort popular with holiday makers and surfers. A beach side piece of waste ground, it’s the ideal place to build a small static Luxury caravan site. As property and land prices are extremely high in this area, the need to use poor quality unused ground (that before was thought to be uneconomical to build upon) can now be utilized. This improves the look of the town and provides accommodation for tourists.

beach piling cornwall
Polzeath driven piles

Seven Luxury static homes are to be placed on this site, each with their own independent Piled R/C slab. The site is located at the base of the valley floor, close to the beach front, making the ground conditions very wet. The high water table is also affected tidally, with soft alluvial sands on top of the Polzeath slate formation.

In each individual 250mm R/C slab, there are 15 No, 150mm O/D Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles. Driven piles displace the ground around them, so there are no arisings to remove from site. The piles were driven to a pre-determined set designed by our engineer, based on the ground reports provided by the client. The piles were finished and concreted above the cut off level, which allows us to cut off any poor concrete. The Piling Platform installed by the clients’ builder was finished at top of blinding / underside of slab, allowing us to construct the R/C slab from ground level. We had to shutter the sides of the 250mm R/C slabs. No spoil was removed from this site saving the customer thousands of pounds in haulage.

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