Piling and Groundworks in Frome, Somerset

Piled Extension in Frome, Somerset

Project Brief:

There were many challenges on this job. The customer required 4 No triangular pads, each designed with 3 No 150mm diaSteel Cased Bottom Driven cast In situ piles to extend a 3 bedroom house. The extension is to be built between the existing house and a public footpath. The new extension is triangular in shape, and built right up to the perimeter fence. The access to site was down the 1.2m wide footpath, where all materials and equipment had to be manoeuvred. Upon further inspection it was found that the main sewer for the houses in the vicinity was located under the corner of the existing dwelling and travelled down through the proposed extension.

Advanced Mini Piling Systems redesigned the pad positions, and contacted the local water authorities. We moved one of the pads, adding an extra pile. We pre bored all the Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles past the depth of the main sewer pipe, which relieved the pipe of any pressure from the displaced material while the Piles were being driven.

Driven Piling Frome, Somerset
Piling works in progress, D500 Drop Hammer Rig driving 150mm O/D Steel Cased tube.
Frome Piles in pad
Piles complete and driven to pre-designed set.

The Piles in this pad were pre bored beyond the depth of the mains sewer and had anti heave sleeve installed. This is the cardboard tube you can see around the base of the Piles. The Piles were then driven to a pre-designed set, concreted with reinforcement, and then cut down to cut off level ( CoL ).

Frome concreted pads
Piled Pads, with steel installed and concreted.
The finished product.
The finished product.

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