Camden Town Piled Basement London

Camden Town Piled Basement London

Project Brief:

Advanced Mini Piling Systems, was contracted to install 30 number 450mm dia Hollow Stem Contiguous Piles, for a basement in Camden Town, London. Access was restricted as the site was at the rear of a 6 storey London town house. Once on the site however, there was an abundance of room. The Rig used to install the 450mm dia Hollow stem piles was a Klemm KR 702-2, with a silent power pack and safety cage fitted to the rig, with an operating height of 2.5m – 3.5m and a width of 1.8m. The 702-2 can also be used 25m away from its hydraulic power supply. Two parking spaces were allocated for a concrete pump and wash out area. Concrete was delivered to site twice a day on a 6.0m3 lorry, and all other materials were stored at the rear of the property.

The Contiguous piles are being used to extend the existing basement which is not lived in but used for storage, and is due to be converted to a luxury flat. The Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall is situated parallel to the rear of the building allowing room for a court yard and a fire escape. This complies with building and fire regulations granting the conversion of an unused space.

klemm hiab

Klemm KR 702-2 being hiabed off lorry.

camden basement

Klemm 702-2 installing 450mm dia Hollow stem piles, a winch is fitted to lift heavy flights on to auger rig. Although a large machine, close proximity of the building is maintained, allowing us to work down the centre line of the Piled Retaining wall.

klemm basement

Once the safety cage is opened the Rig is isolated and spoil can be removed safely by an operative.

pile cages

Piles cages fabricated on site, with 75mm spacers.

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