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We offer complete piling services for any job, large or small. Our techniques are adaptable for Steel Cased Piles, Auger Bored Piles to Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls using mini piling rigs.

Piling Systems & Services



Introducing the RPR DH10.3
The Future of Piling

Experience the piling revolution with the RPR DH10.3. This Remote Operated Automatic Drop Hammer Piling Rig boasts a cutting-edge Remote Monitoring System powered by Industrial IoT technology.

Key features:

● Remote operation for precision and efficiency.

● Automatic drop hammer for consistent results.

●Real-time Remote Monitoring System for proactive decision-making.

●Seamless Industrial IoT integration for enhanced productivity.

Elevate your piling projects to new heights with the RPR DH10.3. Contact us today for a game-changing solution.

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Why Use Us?

Expertise and Experience

Firstly, we bring unrivalled expertise and experience to assess ground conditions and determine the optimal piling technique for each project. Our highly skilled personnel ensure high-quality workmanship, with Advanced Mini Piling known for pushing the boundaries of modern piling technology.


We also offer versatility, with a wide range of piling solutions adaptable to various pile types, applications and site conditions.

Reliability and Safety

Hiring us also provides reliability and peace of mind. We are fully licensed, insured and offer guarantees on our work. We prioritise health and safety, with specialist training for operating machinery and strict adherence to regulations.

Specialist Equipment for Restricted Access

For restricted access projects, Advanced Mini Piling specialises in mini piling – a technique using lightweight piles of 100-400mm diameter that cause minimal noise, vibration and environmental impact. Mini piles are suitable for poor ground conditions and ideal for underpinning existing structures.

Another advantage is the specialist equipment used by us. Advanced Mini Piling manufactures its own mini piling rigs to work efficiently in confined spaces. This focus on state-of-the-art machinery enables faster project completion compared to non-specialist builders.

Advanced Mini Piling systems Ltd.

Over 30 Years’ Experience

We at Advanced Mini Piling have over 30 years’ experience in the piling industry and are regularly contracted for some of the more complex and technically advanced piling projects in the London, South West and the South East requiring the use of restricted access piling techniques.

See Our Work

We have completed an extensive list of challenging piling projects throughout the Southern England with a particular focus on London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Noakes Engineering: Our Partner for Piling Equipment

In addition to providing comprehensive piling services, Advanced Mini Piling Systems has a partner company, Noakes Engineering, which offers piling equipment for sale and hire as well as replacement parts and servicing.

Founded by Malcolm Noakes, who also co-founded Advanced Mini Piling Systems, Noakes Engineering leverages our extensive experience in the piling industry to design, manufacture, and support high-quality piling rigs and equipment.

Noakes Engineering offers:

– A range of piling rigs for sale, including our RPR DH10.3 Drop Hammer Rig designed in-house
– Piling rig hire with both operated and self-drive options available
– An extensive inventory of spare parts for various piling rig makes and models
– Expert servicing and maintenance to keep your piling equipment operating at peak performance
– Bespoke machining and fabrication of custom parts to your exact specifications

By choosing piling equipment and support from Noakes Engineering, you can benefit from the same expertise and quality that we bring to our piling services at Advanced Mini Piling Systems.

To learn more about how Noakes Engineering can support your piling equipment needs, please contact their team today for a consultation.

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